The Cetuem Natural Aromatherapy Strip Wax is made from the finest natural organic resins and blended with pure essential oils chosen for their antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. The Original Natural Aromatherapy Wax has been used for over 20 years with millions of followers worldwide.

The result is a treatment which has a dual action of comfortably removing hair whilst leaving the skin feeling moisturised. Cetuem wax is suitable for all skin types and can even remove the most stubborn of hairs resulting in silky smooth hair free skin.

The Cetuem Aromatherapy Wax is unique in application, it is soothing and non-tacky, leaving a finer re-growth. The Cetuem Waxing System combines the benefits of aromatherapy with waxing, enabling this system to be less painful than other strip wax.

Half Leg – £20

Full Leg – £28

Bikini Line – £16

Extended Bikini Line – £20

Brazilian – £30

Hollywood – £35

Forearm – £18

Full Arm – £24

Underarm – £14

Upper Lip – £8

Chin – £8

Lip & Chin – £14

Chest – £25

Shoulders – £20

Full Back – £30


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